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Medical Insurance for Individuals and Families living in Washington State

  Great news! The new Obama plans are now available in Washington.  We will be starting the new  open enrollment period November 1st where most residents of Washington State  can apply for health insurance and not be turned down no matter what their health. New coverage can start as soon as Jan 1st 2016

Many individuals can start coverage earlier via a special enrollment situation. 
                 Contact us if you wish to find out if you qualify. 


Compare health insurance from the main insurance companies doing business in Washington State.


LifeWise Health Plan of Washington
LifeWise Health Plan of Washington offers new benefits that are tailored to meet your and your family's  needs.

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Regence BlueShield
Regence BlueShield is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association They provide Individual and Family insurance for many counties in Washington State. Feel free to request a free quote and even apply on line.

11/14/2012 Videos released on HealthEquity® shed light on HSAs

Regence is excited to announce three informative Health Savings Account (HSA) videos that focus on:
  • What is an HSA?
  • How can an HSA be used to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and save members tax dollars?
  • Showing ease of account access and use
  • Building savings to pay for future health care expenses
The videos can be accessed at any time on the HealthEquity Sales collateral portal.

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Who Is Group Health

Free quote & Apply for Group Health Online

They are proudly committed to the residents of Washington, whom they have served for more than 65 years. Group Health is the only health care system in it's service area that offers both health coverage and medical care. They can help  contain the total cost of care through  customized health plans, unique care delivery system, and exceptional client services.

Doctors with Group Health Physicians are paid a salary, not paid by the number of patients they see or procedures they do in a day. The incentive for both doctor and patient is to prevent serious illness. Their members also benefit from important research being done by their nationally renowned Group Health Research Institute.

Their model has received national and international attention for promoting innovative, effective care practices. It's not only made them better positioned to handle the challenges of health care reform, it's also made them better equipped to provide  the latest information on pressing reform issues. Group Health is leading the way nationally on this subject.

 You now have the ability to apply for individual and Family
medical plans from Premera Blue Cross.

These plans are designed to the specifics of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)
You may visit the Premera quote system to see their design. There  you will see the
details of the Gold Plan, Silver Plan, and Bronze Plan.

Apply right on line. The best part of it all is that if you live in Washington State you can not be turned down. No medical questions will be asked.

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Answers to some frequently asked questions about the open enrollment period can be found  in our Blog.
                                            Free Drug Card
No mater which plan you select you are eligible for a free discount prescription card.
Sign up today and print a discount card for every member of your family right from your computer.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
From Premera Blue Cross
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Get Rates, then Enroll

Premera's Medicare Supplement Plans


To get your rates for Medicare Supplement Plans you'll need to fill in some basic information in the area above first-things like your birth date and medicare eligibility dates-and when you want your coverage to begin. Once you get the rates, you can easily continue and complete your online enrollment.







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